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Health Protection Team

We provide information about, prevention, testing & offer training to NHS staff, statutory and non statutory organisations and members of the public who are at increased risk of catching a bloodborne virus.

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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Marie Murray Blood borne Virus Clinical Nurse Specialist DGRI
Tel: 01387 241 991
Information for those infected with a borne virus, prevention, testing and treatment.

What is HIV?

This is a virus which attacks the body’s defence system (immune system), and makes you less able to fight off infections. You may have HIV for many years and feel quite well. When the immune system begins to break down, infections and cancers can develop, known as AIDS.

How to keep safe

You cannot tell by looking at someone if they have this virus, so always use a condom for vaginal, anal and oral sex.
Never share any drug equipment.
Needle exchanges are available throughout the region.
Never share personal items such as razors, or tooth brushes.

Testing and treatment is available from:

  • General Practitioners
  • Sexual Health D&G, Nithbank, Dumfries.
    Daily drop-in Mon-Fri 9.00-11.00am
    Mon 4.30-6.00pm
    Tel: 0345 702 3687 for other appointments

More information

HIV Scotland
This website provides up to date and accurate information for professionals and members of the public on all things related to HIV.