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Sexual Health Resources

There are many different resources available that are about Sexual Health. When choosing resources it is important that you choose the right ones. Resources need to be accurate and appropriate for the people you wish to use them with.  It can be quite confusing deciding which of the many resources available are the ones that are the best for you.

When using any resources we would advise users always read through materials and watch DVD’s / videos for their suitability before using with your child, client or group etc. This is to ensure that you feel confident and understand what the resource is saying and to think about how to use the resource with your child, client or group.

Where to get Resources

Resources for sexual health are available from many different places. GP surgeries, Health Visitors, Outpatients, Sexual Health Services Clinics, School Nurse, C2U clinics, voluntary organizations and many more.

Health Improvement Events

Successful health improvement events are based on a good understanding of issues and needs, as they affect your own area – wherever ideas for events come from.

Some may be local responses to a national campaign.  Others seek to meet local need head on, with ‘direct action’.  Other events respond to a need to encourage public interest, as part of a wider, long-term programme to change attitudes and behaviour.

To have confidence in the success of your event, you must be aware of what need you are responding to – and be able to support this with firm evidence that the need exists in your area

A toolkit has been developed to support you in planning any health event or activity you might want to run, or to highlight a particular health message. To download the toolkit (PDF file, 139k) click here


Find the words to start the conversation.
Talking about sex can be a tricky business, but it's worth it. Being open and honest about what you both want will bring you both closer. So whether you are with someone new or in a relationship, it's healthy to talk about sex.