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The transition through the teenage years is not easy for all concerned. Engagement and conversation on any issue can be difficult and embarrassing for parents and carers, particularly sex and relationships. Equally it can be embarrassing for teenagers to have their parents/carers talk about the subject. You may feel that your child receives enough information from various sources like school, TV, books, magazines and films. However, talking to your teenager about sex and relationships can be a positive experience and help them to develop into confident independent young people, who can make informed choices regarding their sexual health.

Talking and being open with your teenagers can mean they start having sex later than they otherwise would and are more likely to have safer sex. Not talking to your teenagers about sex and relationships could affect them for the rest of their lives as they may pick up the message that somehow sex is wrong or should be kept a secret.

Television, magazines, newspapers, films, the internet and social media often suggest that everybody is having sex and that it is freely available to teenagers. However, the majority of people under 16 are not having sex and a high proportion of those who do have sex before they are 16 regret it.

Sexual Health D&G works in partnership towards supporting young people in delaying early sexual activity. However, it also recognises that some young people will start having sex before they are 16 and it is important to meet their safer sex needs.

Sexual Health D&G offers a range of services to young people aged 13 and over. There is an Under 20s drop-in clinic at DG1 on Mondays 4-6pm;
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are also available. Free Condoms by Post are available too, which, apart from access to free condoms, is a vehicle to educate them in sexual health issues and to inform them about the services that are available.

Helpful Tips

When you talk, make it as natural as you can and this will reflect that sex and relationships are a natural part of all our health.

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