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Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education

Supporting school staff to deliver Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood experiences and outcomes

In Dumfries and Galloway, we view the personal and social development of children as a whole school responsibility to which all members of the school community and beyond (parents, carers, and partner agencies) can contribute. This approach underpins our policy on Health Promoting Schools and a whole school encouragement of healthy lifestyles.

Education, NHS and Police in Dumfries and Galloway have worked closely together to produce a set of support materials to assist school staff and partners to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes. In the area of Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood, two primary teachers were seconded, and supported by NHS professionals including school nurses and the police, to develop support materials which include a policy statement, guidance for teachers, guidance for parents and carers and suggested lesson plans. The work was monitored at every stage by the multi-agency Sexual Health Strategy Implementation Group.

The lesson plans and support materials are cross-sectoral, optional not prescriptive, and framed within a set of overarching principles which are acknowledged and addressed in each of the different topic areas:

The lessons plans follow a common structure where the first column states the health and wellbeing outcome, providing a practical framework of reference which ensures that children and young people gain relevant information and develop skills, attitudes and experiences relating to each topic area. The second column clarifies what the realisation of the outcomes means, the third column offers suggested outlines for a coherent, progressive, cross-sectoral programme of lessons relating to each particular topic and the fourth column suggests resources including material resources and support available from partner agencies.

The lessons plans include information on the Health and Wellbeing levels and a class level is also suggested e.g. P2, S3, though these are not prescriptive as practitioners will be sensitive to the age, stage of pupils and the overarching legal framework. School staff are encouraged to use the templates to create their own programmes of work. The templates are designed for schools and clusters who wish to ensure continuity and progress from pre-school through primary to the secondary sector.

Support materials have also been developed for Mental, Emotional and Social Wellbeing, for Food and Health and for Substance Misuse. In addition, the Police have developed, for their officers working in schools, a range of lesson plans relating to Substance Misuse, Anti-Social Behaviour, Personal Safety and Road Safety which have also been framed within the Health and Wellbeing Outcomes.

Click on the link below to view all of the resources available to support the delivery of RSHP Education. For RSHP Education in Secondary Schools, the Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SHARE) resource developed by NHS Health Scotland in 2005 and updated in 2014 is recommended. Training on implementing the SHARE programme is available for school staff and other staff who work with young people. Other RSHP Education training can be arranged to meet staff requirements.

For more information contact Laura Gibson, Health Improvement Practitioner Specialist,
telephone 01387 272 730


You can download all the files at once, in batches or individually from the links below:

Click here to download ALL the files below (zip 2.13Mb)

Introductory documents
Click here to download the 4 intro files below (zip 1.62Mb)
General Introduction (DOC 387Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions (DOC 168Kb)
Policy Statement (DOC 1.2Mb)
RHSP Resources (DOC 1Mb)

Nursery School
Nursery (DOC 259Kb)

Primary School
Click here to download all the Primary School files (zip 254Kb)
P1 (DOC 239Kb)
P2 (DOC 143Kb)
P3 (DOC 139Kb)
P4 (DOC 175Kb)
P5 (DOC 238Kb)
P6 (DOC 223Kb)
P7 (DOC 182Kb)

Secondary School
Click here to download all the Secondary School files (zip 170Kb)
S1 (DOC 251Kb)
S2 (DOC 217Kb)
S3 (DOC 290Kb)
S4 (DOC 233Kb)