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Lets talk about sex


Sexuality is not all about sex it involves our relationship with ourselves, the society we live in and relationships with those around us.

Everyone is different but it can be confusing and difficult to understand. People who are attracted to the opposite sex are called heterosexual or 'straight'. Some people are attracted to the same sex and are homosexual or lesbians. Others are attracted to both sexes and are bi-sexual. Other people may find themselves feeling like they are in the wrong body, i.e. a guy who feels more like a woman and they are  transgendered. Some people think that not being heterosexual is wrong, and they bully and discriminate against these people. However, that is wrong and should not happen and you do not have to put up with it.

Whoever you are, you have a human right to be you!

Unsure of where you stand? Some people know they're gay from an early age, others only discover it later in life, and some people who think they're gay because they fall for their friends, turn out to be straight. It is difficult to work out what your feelings are and there is no right or wrong way. 

It is quite natural to be confused about your sexuality when you are growing up especially when you haven't much experience. You may have to be patient and pay attention to your feelings and sexual urges.

If you feel you need to talk to someone there are organizations and websites that can offer support and help. - has basic knowledge on HIV and STI’s - This is a project geared to gay men’s needs offering a range sexual health services. - Information, support and condoms by post for gay and bisexual men living with HIV.