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Sexual Health Week 2017

Get ready for a healthy pregnancy


  1. Drinking alcohol from preconception until after giving birth
  2. Smoking (permanently, if possible)
  3. Taking street drugs, including so-called 'legal highs'
  4. Highly stressful, violent or abusive relationships and situations
  5. Exposure to radiation and toxic substances in your home and work environments
  6. Risking sexually transmitted diseases and potential birth-defect causing infections/illnesses, eg HIV, diabetes, rubella and now Zika virus.

Check and discuss with GP

  1. Is it a good time to become pregnant, given your overall physical and mental health?
  2. Do you have a medical condition creating significant risks to good pregnancy and birth outcomes?
  3. Are all your vaccinations up-to-date and still protecting you -or is a booster needed before conception?
  4. Are any of your prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs or supplements unsafe or unwise to continue if you become pregnant?


  1. Taking folic acid and vitamin D supplements (check with GP)
  2. A nutritious diet to get to, and maintain, a healthy weight
  3. Regular physical activity that is right for you before becoming pregnant
  4. Healthy ways of relaxing, strengthening positive relationships and improving your mental wellbeing
  5. Learning about your and your partner's family medical history, in case genetic screening or counselling might be helpful
  6. Preparing for your potential next pregnancy, by becoming as healthy as possible and by ensuring safe birth spacing

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