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Other infections » Cystitis


What is it?

Cystitis means your bladder is inflamed.


Suspect cystitis if you:

Some people with cystitis also feel feverish and generally unwell and have a dull ache in the lower part of their abdomen or in their back (see below for more information about when you should see your GP).

What is it caused by?

What can I do to make myself feel better?

If you are worried and especially if it is the first time you have had these symptoms get advice from your GP (see below for more details).  Cystitis often clears up on its own after a few days. Until this happens there are things you can do to make your self feel better.

Should I see my GP?

See your GP if:

Sometime Chlamydia infection can cause similar symptoms and you should consider having a Chlamydia test


How is it diagnosed?

The nurse or doctor may ask you for a sample of your urine. It is best not to collect this before you visit as you will need to pass urine into a special container you will be given. The sample for cystitis cannot be tested for Chlamydia so if you are concerned about chlamydia please tell the doctor or nurse so they can arrange for the correct test for this.

How is it treated?

Sometimes cystitis is best treated with antibiotics. Your doctor or nurse can also rule out other infections with similar symptoms.

How can I best prevent infection?

The following can reduce your chances of getting cystitis in the future: