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What is it?

Thrush Thrush is caused by yeast. This is often present normally in the vagina but can multiply and cause symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

There may be one or more symptoms including:

In women

In men

What is it caused by?

It is caused by yeast that normally lives harmlessly on the skin, or in the mouth, gut and vagina, without causing any problems. Evidence says it’s not usually transmitted sexually.

How is it diagnosed?

By taking a swab from the affected area.

How is it treated?

Treatment for thrush is easy. A cream is applied to the external genital area and women usually get pessaries to insert into the vagina using a special applicator. Oral anti-thrush tablets are now available. These can all be bought over the counter at the chemist.

How can I best prevent infection recurring?

Avoiding the following can reduce the chances of thrush recurring:

Consider washing with a non perfumed soap free body wash and preferably one described as 'hypo- allergenic'.

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